Makeup + More



Stay Vain Application:  $55+

This service includes a basic makeup consultation with one of our Makeup Artists. Makeup application is performed using professional HD foundations and makeup products.

Airbrush Application: $75+

For a flawless finish this airbrush foundation is the perfect addition to our regular makeup application. After your makeup is applied the foundation is sprayed on with our airbrush gun and is humidity resistant! Perfect for special events as it won’t sweat or cry off

“Just Eyes”: $25+

For those beauty babes who don’t need a full face of makeup but want their eyes to be flawless

Individual Eyelash Application: $15+



New Full Set Classic Lashes $250+ 

Classic Lash sets are applied 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural Lash. This method allows for each individual Lash to appear slightly longer, thicker, and darker like the effect of mascara. (2+ hours)

NovaLash Eyelash Fill $45+ (1 hour minimum)

New Full Set Volume $300

Volume Lash sets are applied in a 2+:1 ratio meaning 2 or more Lash extensions are applied in an “artistic” fan method to one natural Lash. This results in a much more dense, thick, and full look. This method can be altered to fit the client’s preferred look by altering the actual amount of Lashes applied. (2 hours)

Novalash Volume Lash Fill $60+ (1 hour minimum)