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A Grand Rapids native and the oldest of seven children, Elisabeth has always had a natural knack for leading. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Elisabeth has always had an incredible sense of drive, which she has channeled into every endeavor she’s taken on. Years of competitive sports and structured discipline have molded her into the strong leader and entrepreneur she is today, teaching her to embrace her fears and blaze a trail for others to follow.

After graduating from Chic University, Elisabeth wanted to push her education to the limit. She assisted under an expert teacher and Redken educator at a high-end salon in Grand Rapids and was able to continue passionately pursuing her education in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. She was determined to continue learning the newest techniques and applications to become a top artist in her field.

When a unique opportunity came to her from out West, she decided to accept a position as a Color Specialist on the Las Vegas strip at the renowned ARIA Resort Salon, and then the Mandarin Oriental. After years in Las Vegas, Elisabeth decided it was time to return home with all of the knowledge she gained. Elisabeth moved back to Grand Rapids in 2012 to make her dream of owning her own salon a reality and opened Chasing Vanity the following year!

Elisabeth loves helping her team of artists nurture their individual careers and has a true passion for coaching and educating them along the way. She is committed to keeping Chasing Vanity at the forefront of what is trending by inviting top educators and artists in the industry to host educational classes for her team. When she is not working, Elisabeth is a self-proclaimed adventurer with insatiable wanderlust. She has a passion for new experiences and cultures and travels as much as her busy schedule allows. She lives for an adventurous hike, a sandy beach, and quiet time with her husband Adam.